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Changes in the Maintenance Law: What You Need to Know

Due to modifications made in the Illinois Marriage Dissolution of Marriage Act, the way that alimony, also called maintenance, is calculated has been altered. The amendments were initially effective in January of 2015 and are vital for anyone planning to file for divorce in the state of Illinois. To better understand these changes and how

Local Attorneys Help Residents and Property Owners Understand Landlord and Tenant Laws in Chicago

A residential lease is a legal contract, just like any other, that entitles the involved parties to certain types of consideration and assigns particular responsibilities to each. In addition to the details that particular leases pin down, contracts of these kinds are also governed by a special statute known as the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant

Handshake Deals are a Bad Idea

There might have been a time in Charlotte when deals were done on a handshake, and some instances where they might still be done with someone you know and trust. However, handshakes are by and large not enforceable or admissible in a court of law. When you are making a business contract or starting a

Qualifying For Social Security Disability Benefits

SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance, is available to people that are unable to work due to a mental or physical disability. Social Security is a Federal program, to be eligible for benefits the applicant must have paid FICA taxes, accumulated a specific number of work credits and pass “duration of work” and “recent work history”