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The Role Played by an Attorney in a Short Sale

Short sales are not pleasant for anyone involved. They can drag on for months, are difficult to process, and it’s hard for everybody to win in the end. The legal paperwork alone is enough to make participants feel downright depressed. Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate these treacherous waters by yourself. You can hire yourself

High Net Worth Divorces

Divorces are emotionally taxing life circumstances that affect many families. The spouses involved in the divorce aren’t the only ones affected, however. Immediate family members, as well as the offspring of the couple, are heavily impacted as well. Although divorces are already difficult situations, high net worth divorces bring more stress into the situation because

Tips on Avoiding Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Finding the right rental property is no easy task. Once you have found the home or apartment you want to rent, you will need to get accustomed to dealing with your landlord. Unfortunately, there are several lawsuits filed each year by tenants and landlords who feel as if they have been wronged in some way.

The Oregon Lemon Law

The Oregon lemon law offers specific protections for consumers that have purchased a faulty vehicle. The problem with lemon laws is that they are difficult to understand, not widely publicized and require an attorney to navigate. The fact is that every state has lemon laws, but they are not all the same. There are also

Ending Spousal Maintenance in Chicago

Spousal maintenance is what people used to call “alimony.” It refers to the financial support given from one party to the other and in many cases in Illinois, may be mandated by the courts. Confusion about spousal maintenance may arise because of the inconsistency with which judges agree to one party’s request for spousal maintenance.

Personal Injury Cases: Common Terms to Know

Filing for a claim on a personal injury case can be even more daunting because of all the legalese thrown around. To help facilitate discussions with your lawyer and help you understand what’s going on that much quicker, here’s a look at common terms you should know: Plaintiff: The term refers to the person who’s