3 of The Best Uses for A Manzanita Tree

Living with plants and bringing the greenery of the outdoor world within the four walls of an indoor residence has become a trend in both wellness and home décor circles. Perhaps you’ve heard of the “urban jungle” trend, a popular hashtag on Instagram burgeoning from a book with the same name. Its pages are full of inspiration for living with more plants inside the home—how to care for the greenery and arrange it for the best interior design success.

The Manzanita Tree

The manzanita tree is one plant particularly popular amongst those who wish to bring a bit of natural flair into their home. The trees are incredibly versatile in the ways that they can be used within your home or at other décor-heavy events like weddings. For a few ideas of methods to implement a manzanita tree into your design dreams, check out the inspiring ideas below.

1. For a glitzy feel or even a holiday-inspired decoration, try draping crystal beads over the branches of a manzanita tree for a look that demands attention while still appearing humble and simplistic.

2. Since manzanita trees are available in various colors (you can even paint them yourself), there’s no limit to the looks you can achieve for your next event. Match the color of the branches to your wedding’s theme or utilize a classic white for an elegant feel.

3. It Takes Time offers a doubly green approach to the trend of living indoors with your plants. By hanging a variety of terrarium bulbs from the branches of your manzanita tree, you create a unique and desirable display for your air plant collection while bringing even more greenery into your home!

For fun, flexible, and natural décor, manzanita trees are a must-have for any attempt at modern decoration. Enjoy them with the tips above or create your own innovative uses!

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