You threw the car into gear and stepped on the gas. You heard the engine spin up, but you didn’t go anywhere. You burned a clutch, and there is no simple fix. You have four basic options for replacement transmissions to choose from.

Option One – Used Transmissions

This option is the high-cost choice for the cash-poor buyer. A salvaged unit from a reputable auto wrecker might restore the basic functionality of your car for the moment, but these gearboxes usually have high miles on them already.

By the time you pay for the unit and install it, you only have a few thousand miles before your right back where you started.

Option Two – Brand New Transmissions

Auto manufacturers keep a few spare assemblies on the shelf. You can buy one if you want. They are expensive but usually come with the same warranty as the original equipment.

New units are not updated to correct engineering design flaws found during field operations.

Option Three – Rebuilt Transmissions

A skilled mechanic specializing in these sorts of repairs can restore the operation of your original unit. A rebuild gets new internal wear components and seals but usually does not receive a full overhaul.

Rebuilt units often have excellent warranties, but you must take your vehicle back to the same shop that performed the original repairs. In the right circumstances, these can be the most cost-efficient options.

Option Four – Remanufactured Transmissions

Wholesalers completely tear down, inspect, and rebuild older units. A remanufactured transmission receives new internal components, and the worn metals are machined back to factory specifications.

Remanufacturers also test their transmissions before delivery. The warranties are some of the best in the business and usually include the cost of labor to replace if they fail. Although a bit more expensive, they are good options for buyers who plan to keep their vehicles for a long time.

These repairs are always expensive and labor intensive. Consider your transmission options carefully, and always with a shop that has the experience and credentials to provide you with the best quality work.

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