A Mattress Store That Does More for You

Buying a new mattress is a really big deal. It will have a huge effect on how well you sleep, and that has a huge effect on everything else in your life. Ideally you want to find a mattress that gives you the best sleep possible. However, if you share your bed with a partner, finding the right mattress for both of you can be hard. Trying out different mattresses is one way to solve the problem, but the store you go to can make an enormous difference. This is because certain mattress stores will have a wider selection than others and will offer certain additional benefits. While there are many mattress stores in Lafayette, the best ones have perks that the others don’t. Here are a couple of the most useful perks that a good mattress store can offer.

Delivery Service

Unless you own a truck or a large van, transporting a mattress to your home can be a real hassle. Depending on the size of your mattress, you may have to strap it to the roof or even rent a larger vehicle just to take it home. A good mattress store will offer a delivery in their general area, allowing you to avoid the headache of having to transport it yourself.

Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes things don’t work out as intended, and that’s never anyone’s fault. You may have thought you really liked a mattress when you tried it at a store, or even on the first few nights, but a couple weeks in you are regretting your decision. Many mattress stores don’t offer refunds of returns to their customers, causing you to be stuck with a mattress you don’t actually want. One of the signs of a great store is when they offer a money back guarantee during the first few weeks or months after you buy it. This means that if you find you’d like a different mattress instead of the one you purchased you can simply choose another.

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