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Creating The Ideal Irish Cheese Board

A cheese board, cheese plate, or charcuterie board are all terms that describe a delectable plate of items to nibble on and enjoy. Making an Irish cheese board is a perfect way to enjoy aged cheddar and other cheese that have a local flavour and flair. This is a...

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Best Mexican Food for Catering

Different types of food lend themselves better to the process of catering than others. By all means, technically any kind of food can go through catering and be just fine, but certain foods are better for being delivered to another location, while others are best...

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4 Tips to Making Smart Choices About Your Food

Make smart choices about your eating habits. Here are a few things to note whenever you eat out at restaurants: Stay away from junk food Big burgers, supersized sodas, and deep-fried French fries are the stuff dreams made of—at least for a lot of consumers. But...

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Beef Empanadas

What could be more satisfying than biting into a hot, fresh beef empanada? When you order from ChefSelect 361, you allow your clients or business partners to experience this simple pleasure directly, increasing the positive attributes of their experience with you. We...

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