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Gold Buying Tips You Should Know

Last year saw a surge in the gold market while this year has seen a lowering of the demand as the economic conditions across the globe have stabilized. Even if jewelry demand is low compared to last year’s buying frenzy that was evident in the second quarter, there is an upward trend predicted for a

Buy and Sell Class Rings in Corona, CA

There is something special about rings which capture our imagination like few other pieces of jewelry. In the original version of the Aladdin story, it is a magical ring which releases the magical genie. Rings play a huge role in Norse and Germanic literature and mythology, from the magical multiplying golden rings presented to Odin

Gift a Loved One with Diamond Studs

Treat that special someone in your life by giving them a gift of love. What better way to express how you truly feel about a loved one than gifting them with diamonds. Diamond earrings have forever been measured as one of the most valuable yet astonishing and classic pieces of jewelry. Diamond studs are both

The Darker Side of Fine Jewelry

Having a fascination with items that bring with them a story of darkness, or possibly a curse, is one that more people than you expect have. Stories of cursed items and the spooky circumstances surrounding them have always been a part of history. Tales of gems that bring death and despair to those who own