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Advantages Of Veterinary Housecalls

Like doctors, it is hard to find a veterinarian who does house calls. However, it is increasingly becoming popular as mobile clinics take the road making this practice possible. It is easy to see why veterinary housecalls are advantageous. In Chicago alone, many dedicated pet owners are signing up for this type of service. Why

The Importance of a Pet Check-up

Dog and cat owners sometimes rationalize that their pet is doing well and is fine if they are frolicking about or are fairly active. However, it is still important that you schedule regular visits to the vet to make sure everything is in working order. Have Your Pet Regularly Checked That is because pets cannot

The Real Danger of Kennel Cough

Whenever your dog spends time in close contact with other dogs in places such as dog parks, in training, a dog show, or at a boarding or a daycare facility, they run the risk of contracting kennel cough. It is also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis which is a highly contagious disease that affects the