Discover the Gaslamp Quarter District

If you’re planning a trip to San Diego, part of your itinerary should include an excursion to some Gaslamp Quarter bars. These aren’t your typical dimly lit, watering holes with pool tables and dart boards in each corner. These bars are anything but ordinary. Establishments like The Tipsy Crow offer plenty of unique experiences and a party atmosphere. Here are just a few things that make this district unique, and a must-see when you visit San Diego:

    Swanky lounge furniture on the sidewalks: Boring metal chairs just won’t do here, so you’ll find a nice selection of oddly-shaped, unique furniture on the sidewalk. Chaise lounges, wooden tree stump stools and more await you.
*     A rabbit-hole entrance in an Alice in Wonderland themed bar: Why walk through a door when you go through a rabbit hole? Enter a fairy-tale world complete and order your favorite cocktail.
  *     A rooftop bar with a view: Enjoy some drinks on a rooftop bar, enjoying the view of the city and the baseball stadium. A spectacular place to be when the sun goes down.
*     A Bloody Mary that’s a complete meal: Art in a glass that will tantalize your taste buds and fill your stomach. A great way to get in your fruits and veggies!
*     A Beast who walks the streets: Not every city can brag about a guy who roams the streets in a lucha libra mask brandishing a Shakeweight! Locally known as ‘The Beast’, he garners attention in the district.

Gaslamp quarter bars offer some of the hottest places to party and you’ll find your share of entertainment, pounding bass, strobe lights, unique décor and plenty of fun. The biggest challenge will be which bar to try first. Make this your destination for your next birthday, bachelor party or graduation. Grab some friends and put on your adventure hat – you’ll definitely have a night to remember.

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