Do You Need Pest Exterminator Services for Termites?

Out of all the pests that may plague a home, there is one that can do more expensive damage than any other. Termites enter a home without the owners knowing. Often, these pests can go on an eating frenzy for years without homeowners being aware. Unfortunately, the problem often is not found until major damages have occurred to the wood portions of the home. To keep their homes safe from termite damage, homeowners need to be proactive and call for Pest Exterminator Services.

Homes should be inspected once a year to make sure they have not been infested with termites. While there are some signs homeowners can look for, these often go unnoticed until damage has been done. Homeowners may notice mud tubes on the sides of their homes and may see shed wings around the inside of the home, especially on windowsills. These wings resemble fish scales and may be found in piles.

Homeowners may also notice hollow sounds when they tap on wood areas in the home. They may see swarms of these insects flying around lights outside or find them in the damp areas around their home. When any of these signs is noticed, homeowners need to call Pest Exterminator Services to have the home inspected and treated for termites.

Removing termites in all stages of development is crucial for preventing further damage in a home. There are different methods that can be used, such as tenting, to kill the termites, larvae, and eggs. As a part of these services, the termite control experts can make sure the home is properly sealed, and a protective barrier is placed down to help prevent the pests from coming back. This barrier is checked on a specific schedule to make sure it is continuing to provide protection.

Whether you have noticed signs of termites or simply want to protect your home, contact Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC. They are the pest control specialists you can count on to ensure your home is free of unwanted pests and protected from the damage they can inflict. Call them today for your termite inspection. You can follow them on Instagram.