Do You Need the Services of a Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in York?

Although motorcycle accidents have dropped by as much as 2.3 percent in the last couple of years, according to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 4,586 deaths in motorcycle accidents in 2014. Sadly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported a person is 37 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash than when driving a car. When someone is seriously injured in a crash, they often need the help of a Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in York.

The aftermath of a motorcycle crash can be unsettling. Accident victims are often left with serious injuries that require hospitalization and surgery. In some cases, a person is affected for the rest of their life, some becoming permanently disabled. When a victim is dealing with such circumstances, it behooves them to seek legal help as soon as possible. Although a person has a time period to act, no one wants to run out of time due to the statute of limitations in their state.

Unfortunately, not all states require motorcyclists to wear helmets. A helmet is generally the only means of protection that lies between a person and the road. This, coupled with other drivers not looking out for bikers, can lead to disaster. When a negligent or incompetent driver has caused an accident with a motorcycle, they need to be held responsible for paying the damages they caused.

Meeting with the Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in York can allow a person to learn more about their legal options. These lawyers can come to an injured person’s hospital room or their home if they are severely injured. A meeting with a lawyer allows a person to tell their side of the events of the accident so the lawyer can help them make the right decisions in pursuing their claim. Whether settled in or out of court, a lawyer can help ensure a person gets the fair compensation the law allows them to pursue.

If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, there is legal help available. Click here so you can learn more about your options and what can be done to help you pursue your claim.

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