Does Your Older Parent Need Memory Care in Bay Village, OH?

If your older parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you can better serve his or her healthcare needs by choosing a senior living community that offers services specific to people with these conditions.

Provide the Care Your Parent Deserves

Many times, a person with Alzheimer’s disease becomes frustrated because he or she cannot communicate clearly. When this happens, he or she may appear to be angry. However, the patient is simply frustrated by their inability to communicate. The part of the brain that makes communication possible is not working as it once did. That is when it is time to consider memory care in Bay Village, OH.

Assisted Living Facilities

Senior residences are available that oversee the needs of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. These facilities are often included in assisted living communities. Assisted living communities are places that are designed for elderly people who cannot safely live on their own. However, they do not provide the high level of care that is offered in a nursing home. Usually, patients simply require assistance with their medications and the activities of daily living.

Dementia Care

When memory care is offered in an assisted living facility, the residence is normally located in another area of the community. Communities that exclusively offer care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are also available. When these services are featured, 24-hour support along with structured activities are a part of the package. Residents usually live in semi-private units within the facility. Environments are secured to keep patients from wandering away or getting lost.

On-site Assistance

While you can have memory care assistance provided in a home environment, this is not generally recommended. Your older parent will stay safer and more secure if he or she can reside in a place where on-site assistance is always available.

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