Finding a Law Firm to Help You Understand DWI Defense Law in Syracuse, NY

If a person is going to drive an automobile or a truck, they know the risks that occur with drinking and driving. In addition to drinking and driving, there are other conditions under which a person can be charged with a DWI or DUI, and that is the use of drugs (even prescription medications) that will impair the person’s mental faculties. If a person is charged with drunk driving in New York, there is a law firm that will help them understand the DWI defense law in Syracuse, NY. These are some of the things a client charged with a DWI should know.

New York’s Laws on Drunk Driving

Like most states, New York treats drunk drivers harshly and the penalties range from suspended license to heavy fines to time in jail or prison. The blood alcohol content (BAC) level is about the same as in other states, that is, .08% for drivers 21 or older, .02% for drivers under the age of 21, and .04% for commercial drivers. New York also imposes other charges related to DWI’s such as a DWI, which is alcohol-specific, one that is other drug-specific, and one that is a combination of both.

Other Information About New York Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk drivers in New York also have to worry about getting charged with an aggravated DWI, which is a BAC of .18% or greater. If a driver refuses to submit to a chemical blood test, the State of New York will automatically suspend the driver’s license for a minimum of 12 months with a possible $500 fine. In addition to that fee, a driver who refuses the test will also be fined $250 a year for three years as part of the state’s drivers’ responsibility program.

Getting Help from a Law Firm in Syracuse

Cardinale & Delvecchio Law Firm offers to provide legal solutions for clients who have been charged with drunk driving in the Syracuse, New York area. For anyone who has been charged with drunk driving in need of understanding DWI defense law in Syracuse, NY, this law firm is available. Contact us at

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