Funeral Homes in Puyallup Offer Advice on Proper Funeral Etiquette

There is no question that today is a technological age. As a result, many people utilize technology in situations that simply aren’t appropriate, such as a funeral. In addition to avoiding cellphone usage during a funeral, there are a few other etiquette tips that may be beneficial. While Funeral Homes in Puyallup may not enforce these so-called rules, to pay respect to the deceased and their family, it is a good idea for everyone to follow them.

What to Wear

No longer is it absolutely necessary to wear black when going to Funeral Homes in Puyallup. In fact, there are some cultures that associated other colors with mourning, such as yellow or white. Additionally, there are some people who associate the deceased person’s favorite color with their funeral attire. The only recommendation that should be followed is to wear something conservative.

The Importance of Being On Time

Even though it may not be a big deal to show up late for coffee or lunch with a friend, after the doors of the funeral home or church have closed, it is much more respectful to wait until there is a break in the service, than to enter and possibly disturb the eulogy. As a result, it is a good idea to arrive at a funeral early, which will eliminate the issue of having to enter the service late.

Children at Funerals

There are some parents who want their children to be part of the funeral process when saying goodbye to a loved one. However, the age of the child is something that should be considered carefully. Infants and very young children may make this situation stressful for the parents as well as anyone else attending. Prior to bringing any child to a funeral, make sure to consider factors such as their maturity level, age, and any issues they may experience.

While the things listed here are not rules per-say when it comes to attending a funeral, they are etiquette tips that will help make the entire experience more bearable for everyone involved. Keep in mind that funerals are a time for mourning, and being respectful is a must. When a person is informed, they can ensure they act appropriately when attending a funeral.

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