How Litigation Attorneys in Wichita, KS Can Help You

Here at Fleeson Gooing, we specialize in a number of practice areas. One area on which a number of our attorneys in Wichita, KS focus is litigation. Litigation attorneys sometimes referred to as trial lawyers or litigators, may represent defendants or plaintiffs in civil cases. Our job is to manage every phase of the litigation process, from the earliest investigations to settlements and appeals.

The Investigation Process

Many of the clients who we see in our office are here to ask whether or not they have a case. A litigation attorney will conduct an initial investigation of your case to help determine whether:
a) There is enough evidence for a plaintiff to file a lawsuit; or
b) There is enough evidence for a defendant to fight against a possible suit.

There are a number of items which the litigation attorney will use to assess whether or not you have a case, such as:

* Locating witnesses and taking witness statements;
* Gathering pertinent evidence and documents; and
* Interviewing the client.

The Pre-Litigation Settlement

The majority of clients which we help at our law firm never go to trial. When working with one of our expert litigation attorneys, individuals are able to reach a positive pre-litigation settlement with the other party, thus avoiding a lengthy and costly lawsuit.

The Pleadings Process

Another area which our litigation attorneys here at Fleeson Gooing work on is pleas. There is a variety of different plead statements which we draft on a daily basis to protect the rights of our clients and to ensure the most positive outcome. Some of the most common pleadings include:

* The drafting of summons and complaints;
* The formulation of responses to complaints; and
* The drafting of motions including dismissals, amendments and changes of venue.

The Discovery Process

The discovery process is a key part of the pre-trial process where one of our litigation attorneys will uncover relevant information, identify the issues affecting the case and formulate a strategy. Throughout the process, our attorneys will also help clients argue any discovery-related motions, such as protective orders and summary judgment motions.

The Pre-Trial and Trial Process

In the weeks or months leading up to your trial, a litigation attorney will retain expert witnesses and attend pre-trial conferences so that they can develop a strong strategy based on facts and evidence. Throughout the trial process, your litigation attorney will continue to seek strengths and weaknesses in the case, come up with persuasive arguments, as well as argue and draft trial motions.

The Appeal Process

We remind our clients that even if they do not win a case that does not mean that the case is over. Whenever there is an unfavorable trial outcome, contact Fleeson Gooing. One of our litigation attorneys may appeal the case and turn what was an unfavorable outcome into a positive one.

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