Keep Your Gold and Silver Pieces Looking Beautiful Through Jewelry Cleaning

Keeping your jewelry clean is important for making it look its very best. As you wear your jewelry pieces each day, dirt and grime can begin to build up and cause your pieces to look less attractive. Dirt and grime not only make your pieces less shiny and brilliant looking, but they can also also cause damage, like scratches. Just like your car, your pieces of jewelry can become dull and dirty. Having them professionally cleaned can give them new life and sparkle.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning can dramatically improve the appearance of your jewelry. There are several steps the jeweler will take in cleaning your jewelry. Each of these steps works towards the goal of restoring your jewelry back to its former beauty.

  • Polishing your jewelry helps to remove scratches and dings. It also brings out the shine of the metal so your jewelry piece looks new. It is amazing to see the changes polishing can bring about with your jewelry.
  • After polishing has been accomplished, the jeweler will clean the jewelry by soaking it in an ultrasonic cleaning solution. The ultrasonic waves of this cleaning machine help to loosen dirt and grime. This cleaning action goes into all the fine design elements so every aspect of the jewelry piece is cleaned. There are certain pieces that should not be cleaned in this manner. These will need to be cleaned by hand.
  • The final step in Jewelry Cleaning is for the piece to be placed under a high-powered steam jet. This removes any last remaining debris so the piece is completely clean.
    • At the end of the cleaning process, your jewelry pieces are buffed and polished with a special cloth. This brings out the shine of the stones and the metal.

You should have your jewelry cleaned on a regular basis to bring out its beauty and protect it from damage. If you are interested in professional cleaning services for your jewelry pieces, contact Arizona EZ-Pawn. They can keep your jewelry looking its very best so it shines like it was new. Contact them today for more information on their services.

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