Leave Garage Door Springs in Beckley, WV to the Experts

One of the common issues with today’s overhead garage doors is broken springs. Garage doors are heavy and, to minimize the effort needed to open them; designs incorporate springs to reduce the effort needed when opening doors manually. By the same token, garage door openers can be smaller and more energy efficient when the power needed to open a garage door is reduced. When a spring breaks, garage doors are, at best, difficult to open. That means a broken spring will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Companies are repairing Garage Door Springs in Beckley WV, understand the problem and respond quickly to repair a broken spring. The best local companies even provide 24-hour emergency service to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Can Homeowners Replace Garage Door Springs Themselves?

While property owners may be tempted to attempt replacing a broken spring themselves, experts suggest not doing so. To function properly, the springs must be under a great deal of tension. That means anyone installing a garage door spring is placing themselves in harm’s way when attempting to install and properly adjust a garage door spring, especially with single spring designs. Garage door professionals have the correct tools and training to install springs properly, homeowners do not. This is one home repair DIY property owners are strongly advised to leave to the professionals.

Will the Garage Door Experts Take Care of Other Issues at the Same Time a Spring is Replaced?

Of course, the technician responding can examine the door itself and all other hardware, including the operator, to make sure everything is functioning properly. If other issues are present, the experts will recommend solutions and provide estimates for the costs of any needed repairs or updates. Most experts recommend routine servicing of garage doors and operators to minimize the likelihood of developing problems. When a garage door is properly maintained, components like springs, hinges, and rollers are replaced at the first sign of a problem, well before they can cause a garage door to malfunction.

Consumers considering a home facelift might also consider replacing an older garage door with a design that’s more visually appealing. That type of upgrade not only enhances the looks of a home but also tends to increase the resale value of a property. To find out more about replacing Garage Door Springs in Beckley WV, or other maintenance, contact Garage Door Operators Inc today.

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