Missing Teeth Can Be Permanently Replaced at the Dental Clinic in Kamloops

A person can lose some or all of their teeth because of injuries, infection, and cavities. When a person is missing teeth, they need to be aware there are options for replacement. The most viable option for replacing missing teeth is dental implants, which can be put in place at the Dental Clinic in Kamloops. An implant can permanently replace a missing tooth, restoring a person’s smile and their ability to properly chew food.

The first step a person will need to take is to schedule an appointment with the Dental Clinic in Kamloops. The dentist will check the patient’s oral health through an examination and X-rays. For a patient to be a good candidate for dental implants, they will need to have healthy gum tissue and ample bone growth in the missing tooth socket. If the bone growth is not at the level it should be, the dentist may need to place bone grafts to encourage growth.

When a patient begins the process of tooth replacement, they first have a titanium implant rod put in place. This rod will later act as the tooth root once all of the parts of the implant are put together. This rod needs to be as strong as a natural tooth root and needs to have the ability to bond with human bone tissue, which is why titanium is the metal of choice. Once the implant is put in place, the patient must wait for bonding to occur unless they receive a mini implant that can be assembled the same day.

The bonding process is vital for the success of the tooth replacement. Once the implant rod is fully bonded with the bone tissue, the abutment can be put in place followed by the prosthetic crown. Once assembled, these parts form a whole tooth replacement, with only the crown portion being visible.

If you are tired of having missing teeth in your smile, now is the time to schedule an appointment with the dentist. Contact the Riverside Dental Clinic right away so your appointment for implants can be scheduled.

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