Neck Pain: Environmental Causes

Neck pain is a common occurrence. In America, statistics indicate the rates may be as high as 45% of all individuals who work. In fact, it seems that this health issue sits at third in a list that features lower back and back pain. While back pain may be more prevalent among men, women are more likely to suffer neck pain.


If you have pain in your neck, you may also experience discomfort in other related body areas. While you may have a stiff neck, you may also have:


Shoulder pain

Back pain

Aching jaw

While the reasons for your pain, discomfort or downright agony may vary, a major cause is your environment.

Environmental Causal Factors

Daily actions combined with stressors can produce a sore neck. In fact, stress remains the largest contributor or causal factor to aches and pains in your neck. Stress takes many forms, both active and passive. You may be under stress but unaware of it. Your body, however, will react accordingly, expressing its inability to cope with pain in various fashions including a discomfort in your neck.

You can divide the different types of environmental stressors into the following categories: physical, emotional and chemical. The largest category affecting the ability for your body to cope and avoid neck pain is physical stress.

Physical Stress

This includes the physical actions or habits of your body that impact negatively upon your neck. These range from sleeping in an awkward position to repetitive work strain. Potential causes of your aching neck include:

Heavy Lifting: if this is part of your job description, it can result in neck strain and its accompanying pain.

Repetitive lifting or other motions.

Poor Posture: at work and at home.

Car accidents: soft tissue damage can affect the neck as well as other parts of the body.

Sports Activities: this is a constant source of a variety of injuries, including those to the head and neck.

Falls: a simple fall can damage the neck; a more serious one can break it.

Diving: too often, people leap without checking what lies below.

Yet, these are the risks we take in life. While we may not be able to avoid some of them, we can take measures to reduce the risk.

Neck Pain

Your neck is vulnerable. Like the rest of your body, it is subject to damage of all types. However, its position and its essential function makes it essential we all take care to ensure it remains protected from harm. To avoid damage, take all precautionary actions and wear the required equipment. If you do experience episodic or constant neck pain, talk to a doctor and/or a specialist about how to treat it before it becomes a

Neck pain is a very devastating health problem. The pain it causes can leave you incapacitated. For help with this serious issue, you need to turn to the experts – the medical professionals at Suburban Orthopaedics. They will examine and treat your health problem, no matter what it is, with compassion and skill. Their Board-Certified and eligible physicians will discuss the situation and its options with you fully. To learn more about how they can help you find a solution, contact them online at You can connect with them on Facebook for further updates!

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