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Every senior and family has different needs when it comes to home health care and support. Selecting the optimal program or service for an elderly loved one can seem overwhelming at times with all the different options available.

To aid in selecting the correct senior companion services, there are critical factors that need to be considered. By focusing in on these factors, it will be possible to narrow down your selection to just the right services to create a custom plan that is unique to the needs of your family member.

Daily Activities

Seniors living at home will have different levels of independence and comfort in various daily activities both in and out of the home. With a companion service a trained, professional and compassionate caregiver can be there as needed to provide the support, encouragement and assistance required.

The best companion services for seniors offer a full range of support services. This can include assistance with shopping and meal preparation as well as general housekeeping tasks.

A nursing assistant will sit in with the client when the family is unavailable, or even provide support on a more continual basis. The senior will have the benefit of the nursing assistant to help out around the home, providing more independence for the elderly client in completing what they are comfortable in doing and having the support for more challenging tasks.

Out and About

Staying active in the community is an important part of staying mentally healthy. With senior companion services, elderly clients can be involved in their regular activities to attend appointments, see their doctor or simply spend time at their favorite places and with their favorite people.
The companion can transport the client, giving the elderly person the freedom to spend time where they would like to be without having to travel on their own. In addition, the companion can also run errands or manage the shopping as needed, giving more choices and options for the client.

Attention and Care

Often the elderly have difficulty with meal preparation, and the family may be very concerned about healthy eating and nutrition. With senior companion services the caregiver can prepare nutritiously balanced meals that are fresh and homemade, carefully choose menus based on the client’s personal taste.

Additionally, the companion is there to be a caring person in the elderly client’s life. They spend time with the client and prevent feelings of loneliness or isolation, giving the senior and the family the comfort in knowing someone who truly cares is there.

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