Preparing for Your Pet’s First Visit to the Groomer

When considering pet grooming for your animal, it’s important to remember that as an unfamiliar experience, your pet may be frightened. You may also be nervous about the ordeal, but have no fear; pet groomers have a great deal of experience and expertise. They know how to handle your pet’s fears – as well as yours – and give you the cleanest, healthiest four-legged friend you’ve ever had.

What You Groomer Will Do

When most people think of dog or other animal grooming, they envision tables topped with dogs getting washed, brushed and even shaved of their fur. This isn’t the limit to what your groomer can provide for your animal, though.

A good groomer will thoroughly clean your pet’s fur, feet, ears and even mouth if asked, as well as trim and file claws and apply gentle insecticide if necessary to treat and prevent flea and tick infestation. During their care for your animal, your groomer may notice anomalies and address them with you, such as any visible signs of injury or illness. This benefits both you and your pet, since early detection of many animal illnesses is the best line of treatment and defense.

How to Prepare Your Pet for Their First Grooming Visit

Worried that your furry friend might panic at the groomer’s office? Take these steps – as recommended by The Honest Kitchen – to ensure you’re both ready for his first trip:

  • Begin grooming early, both at home and professionally.
  • Choose your groomer based on recommendations and reviews, and ensure that they are a good fit for your family and fur baby.
  • Drop him off and walk away. Yes, it can be difficult, but if you’re nervous your dog will sense it. Reassure him quickly, and leave him in the capable hands of your groomer.

Searching for pet grooming services in the Great Falls, MT area? Ask your veterinarian, pet store employees or fellow dog owners for recommendations, and choose a local groomer to give your dog his first day at the spa!

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