Providing Drive in Your Sales Team

As a manager of a successful sales team, you must ensure you know your staff members. Different people are going to be motivate by different things. All you are trying to do when you motivate someone is to find what gives them the internal fire to do what is best, and what works for some people may not work for others. When you can tailor your motivation techniques to the individual, you will see better results. There are some common motivation categories, and you can apply them to your staff as you see fit.

The New Sales Rep

People who are fresh to the business are going to be a little unsure of themselves. They will likely be looking for both professional and personal growth, and supplying that can be a great motivator. Offering professional sales coaching to junior staff members is a great way to get the motivated. This is a great way to improve their sales skills, and also give them job satisfaction.

The Winner

Some people thrive on rivalries. People like that are going to generally be very competitive and driven. You, as a manager, can use that to tap into their existing focus and determination. Providing sales driven competition is a great way to help them get moving. You may have to take steps to keep things friendly, as too much competition can end up hurting the team overall.

The Super Star

Other people like to be recognized for work well done. This is probably the most universal way to motivate people outside of money. Selling can be very hard on your mind and soul, so being recognized for the hard work feels really good. This is a successful way to get more from your team; they know that you notice what they are putting in, and get something out of it.

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