Questions Answered About Dental Treatments Performed By A Cosmetic Dentist In Keizer OR

Many people are embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth and, for this reason, they avoid smiling while in public. Everyone should know there are various procedures that can be performed by a cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth. Read the questions and answers below to learn how individuals in and around Keizer can receive cosmetic dental treatments that will allow them to smile again.

What types of cosmetic dental procedures are available for people who have discolored front teeth?

One of the most common cosmetic dental procedures performed on patients who have tooth discoloration is the placement of veneers. These thin pieces of a tooth-colored material are bonded to the outside surface of a person’s front teeth. Once the veneers are in place, they hide all tooth imperfections, such as stains and chips. Before placing the veneers on the teeth, the dentist eliminates a thin layer of the tooth enamel from the teeth. This prevents the veneer from sticking out too far and also allows the dental cement to bond to the teeth. Instead of veneers, some individuals opt for professional teeth whitening that’s also available at the dental office.

How can a cosmetic dentist help an individual who has missing teeth?

Individuals who are ashamed of their missing teeth can schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR to discuss dental implants. People who choose to have dental implants won’t have to worry about missing teeth ever again. Dental implants are permanent, and once a dentist implants them into the jawbone, the teeth are there forever. When individuals choose to have dental implants, the entire process will take several months. The insertion of the titanium implants is performed as a surgical procedure, and it will take up to six months before the healing process is finished. After the bone heals around the implant, the dentist places a dental crown on the top of the implant to complete the procedure.

Individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their teeth with cosmetic dentistry can contact Riverfront Dental LLC for a consultation. This dental clinic provides various cosmetic procedures including dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening.

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