Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Service In Jupiter

Many people will hire a lawn care service without knowing much about the company at all. They may hire based on an advertisement they saw online or TV, or perhaps from a sign they saw in a neighbor’s yard.

While there is no right or wrong way to hire a professional lawn care service in Jupiter, there are certain questions you should ask any lawn care service company before signing a contract or agreeing to their services. The following are some recommended questions that you can ask a lawn care service company either by calling or finding the answers on their website.

Scope of Services

There is a very different approach to a professional lawn care service and someone that is providing lawn mowing services. Many companies only provide lawn care at the request of the homeowner.

In other words, they will mow the lawn, apply fertilizer, and treat for weeds only at your request. They do not offer professional services or have technicians trained in completing an analysis and evaluation of your lawn and landscaping requirements.

Years in the Business

It is important to verify how many years the lawn care service company has been in business. It is easy for a company to put up a website and appear to be a well-established company, only to be a one-man team working out of a garage.

Ask how long the company has been operating, more specifically in the Jupiter area. A landscaping company may not have as much experience with Florida lawns, which limits their effectiveness.


It is always important to compare pricing for any service. The top companies are typically very competitive and offer free inspections and an analysis prior to providing information on their specific services and price.

You will want to watch out for extremely low pricing, as this typically indicates a lawn care service with limited resources and/or limited experience.

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