Reasons to Replace Ductwork During Air Conditioning Installation in Phoenix AZ

Residential HVAC systems are expensive enough that many customers choose to retain existing ductwork, asking contractors like to retrofit a new system to it. This practice may help the homeowner save money, but it can raise certain issues. Below are several reasons to replace ductwork along with the air conditioning system.

It Offers Long-Term Savings
Cost is a primary reason why some homeowners decide against ductwork replacement during Air Conditioning Installation in Phoenix AZ. Most contractors advise against this, and it doesn’t make much sense to install an energy-efficient system on top of old, inefficient ductwork. Buying new ductwork is an upfront investment, but customers can save over the long term in the form of lower cooling bills.

Removal of Attic Vents
One reason for ductwork replacement is that most of the ducts are in the attic. This part of the home is often subject to major temperature shifts, and it can be difficult to maintain a constant temperature. Experts say that a new system purchase is a right time to remove attic vents; this can increase a new system’s efficiency by up to 30%.

Inefficiency in a Mismatched System
If the home’s HVAC system is more than ten years old, a new unit could be anywhere from 10%-40% more energy efficient, depending on the efficiency rating of the unit chosen. If elements such as the unit’s air handler are created specifically for a certain type of ductwork, the system’s efficiency will suffer if it is retrofitted. Moreover, the new system’s lifespan can be diminished by mismatched ductwork. Finally, even a sealed duct system will accrue dust and dirt over time, which can reduce the unit’s performance even further.

Ductless System Savings
Homeowners can increase savings even more with a ductless AC unit. These new systems can cost roughly 30% more than their conventional counterparts, but omitting ductwork can eliminate a primary source of system inefficiency. Cracks and leaks in ductwork can develop over the years, allowing heated or cooled air to escape. Another good option is an Air Conditioning Installation in Phoenix AZ with ductwork that takes up less space and works under increased pressure. These mini-duct HVAC systems can help consumers save up to 30% on monthly heating and cooling bills. Visit website for more information.

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