Some Of The Most Popular Colored Stone Jewelry

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Jewelry

If you’re like many others, you don’t necessarily want a white diamond, but you want beautiful jewels to wear around your neck, arms, ankles, and fingers. Colored stone jewelry is an excellent addition to any ensemble because it can add a touch of color or bring out the colors more easily. However, when searching for options, it may be helpful to know what is the most popular and why.

Top Three

It doesn’t matter whether you look at trends from the year 2000 or current trends. Three primary stones always seem to be on top. Sapphire, Topaz, and Amethyst are all excellent additions to your wardrobe.

Sapphires have always been a favorite because it’s something associated with the rich and famous. What you might be surprised to learn is that sapphires come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, yellow, pink, orange, white, purple, green, black, and color change options.

The rarest is a pink-orange color called Padparadscha sapphire. These sapphires are very rare and have a particular molecular structure that produces their gorgeous and unusual color. Blue sapphires are always the most popular and are always a hit. They can have many different shades and tones of blue. The most prized blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka and have a brilliant, intense true blue.

Topaz is also another excellent colored stone jewelry centerpiece. The price of Topaz is surprisingly reasonable and it comes in three distinct shades of blue.  Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue. While most of the topaz sold is blue, it comes in other colors too, most notable in Imperial Topaz which has a beautiful peach color.

Amethyst is one of the most popular of colored gems and has been for many years. It has many beautiful shades of purple, some rich and deep and some lighter and more translucent. The cost of amethyst is very reasonable making large stones affordable.  If she loves purple, she will be thrilled by amethyst.

Others That Are Popular

There are many, many beautiful and affordable choices in colored gemstones. Tanzanite, tsavorite, citrine, garnet, emeralds and rubies to name a few.  Each gem species has individual characteristics so ask your jeweler questions about cost, hardness and durability so you can make an educated choice.

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