Sprinkler Issues: How a Plumber Can Help

While there was no need to water the lawn during the winter months, things are about to change. Before assuming the system is good to go for the spring and summer, it pays to run a few tests. If the results are less than satisfying, that could mean the sprinkler may need attention from a plumber in Fairfax, VA. Here are some of the more common issues that need to be addressed now.

Problems Deploying Sprinkler Heads

With an in-ground sprinkler system, the heads will rise prior to releasing streams of water. In order to check the efficiency, activate the system and watch the performance of each head. Are all of them rising properly and spreading water evenly? If so, then there is a good chance that the system is in fine shape. Should the homeowner notice one or more heads that do not deploy properly, a quick sprinkler repair by a plumber in Fairfax VA is in order.

Saturated Sections of the Lawn

During the initial test, it seemed that all the heads were spreading water evenly. In spite of the observation, there are a couple of spots where the ground seems to be saturated. That could mean the lines carrying the water to each head are damaged in some fashion. An expert will know how to assess the situation and check the lines running through those areas. In many cases, a patch or the replacement of a section of line will be all it takes to make things right again.

The Timer is Off

Checking the function of the timer is also something that needs to happen now rather than later. If the system does not respond properly to the settings, that indicates some type of electrical issue. A professional can determine what is causing the system to not function in line with the settings and ensure that everything works as it should in the months to come.

For homeowners who are ready to have their sprinkler systems checked, call the team at All Plumbing and arrange for a complete sprinkler check. If any minor issue is detected, it can be resolved now and ensure the sprinklers will work fine once the warmer weather has arrived.

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