Student Central: Short Term Apartments In The Paris Latin Quarter

It is not always easy to find short term apartment rentals in Paris. One area, you might consider looking for at least a temporary place to stay is in the Latin Quarter. While you might have to compete with the parents and friends of students, this quarter may actually be less expensive than other sections of the city. From cheap shops to revered educational institutions, you can find it all here.

Top of the Class

Between the Seine and Luxemburg Gardens, you will find the ancient part of the city called the Latin Quarter. Its 800-year old history is closely entwined with students and education. Staying here not only allows you to narrow, cobbled streets, but also to travel along one of the oldest (if not the oldest) streets in the city. This is the Rue St Jacques. It is home to one of the most famous colleges of learning in the world – the Sorbonne. By walking along this street, you can also see

Several other well-known structures and facilities including:

* The Lycée Louis-le-Grand
* The Institut de géographie
* The Institut océanographique, No 195
* The Église Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas, No 252
* Le Port du Salut a former inn of the 18th century No 163 bis was infamous for its mid-20th century cabaret with its debuts of the works of several artistes including Barbara, Georges Moustaki, Serge Gainsbourg and Boby Lapointe

The signs of a once massive student presence is also echoed in Place St. Michel. Here, beneath the fierce gaze of the baroque fountain (1858–1860) erected by architect Gabriel Davioud and portraying the killing of a demon by St Michel, protesters of all types – students, workers and intellect, together with regular people amassed to express their displeasure with the Nazis, and with the government (infamous student riots of 1968). It was also where, during the 1960s and 1970s, hippies and other counter-culture people gathered.

More than Schools and Institutes

The Latin Quarter does have more than its fair share of students. However, this population also accounts for the proliferations of several affordable advantages. Here, you can find bookstores, fast food outlets, inexpensive shops catering to a wide variety of ethnic groups, quirky boutiques, plenty of regular and avant-garde movie theaters and, of course clubs. The area is particularly famous for its Jazz clubs. Finding short term apartment rentals in this section may well be worth it in the long wrong as you can probably save money on everything else.

Benefits of Short Term Apartment Rentals in the Latin Quarter

If you have ever dreamed on stopping and sitting in a small Paris cafe or bistro – you can do so here. Many of these surround Place St. André des Arts. Today, you can also admire the artistic merits of the area and Europe’s Medieval past by visiting the Cluny Museum on Boulevard St. Michel. Erected within old Roman Baths, it provides everything from tapestries e.g. “Lady and the Unicorn,” stained glass, early paintings, stonework as well as other treasures from the period. Sit and relax in the Medieval Garden on the premises, glad you found the right place among all those short term apartment rentals in this wonderful city.