Take Care Of The Entire Family With A Family Dentist In Oyster Bay NY

When the entire family has a chance to visit one dental practice, it saves both time and money. This is why family-oriented dental offices that have the capacity to treat all ages of patients are increasingly popular in the United States. From a parental point of view, it is far more convenient to be able to take everyone from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent to see the same doctor.

Working with a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY allows patients to see the same doctor for both general and cosmetic dentistry. Yearly appointments and professional cleanings with the dental hygienist can be scheduled for everyone on the same day.

Should a member of the family need to have a crown fashioned or a root canal procedure, there is no need to start looking for another set of dental offices. Booking multiple appointments with a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY means that all the family dental records and xrays reports are in one central location. Should there be a dental emergency that occurs on the weekend or during a holiday vacation, there will always be a phone number to call.

An important facet of the Locust Valley Dental Group is the attention to detail they display when making sure their patients are comfortable. While waiting for the dental team to finish their treatment, patients can watch flat screen television screens and or their iPad. This allows patients to relax and take care of personal business while they wait.

One advance in dental technology that patients are glad to experience is the use of lasers instead of the dreaded “drill” for removing tooth decay. Unlike traditional drills that work by use of friction, lasers work by use of wavelengths and an air/water spray that cuts away decay without heat, vibration, pressure or contact. This makes it a perfect method for treating young children, pregnant women or elderly patients.

For more information and to learn more about how laser dental technologies can be applied to your dental issues, visit the web pages of . Should you wish to book an appointment, staff members from the Locust Valley Dental Group are eager to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

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