The Importance Of Getting To Know Graphite Electrode Suppliers

Choosing one of the specialized graphite electrode suppliers in the country will be essential for either a startup smelting or metal refining plant. It will also be critical for foundries, ladle furnaces as well as all types of EAFs (electric arc furnaces) in facilities.

Companies and industries that will have an ongoing requirement for graphite electrodes include metallurgical companies, iron and steel manufacturers as well as companies that are involved in heat-treating processes.

Since the use of graphite electrodes is so essential in these companies, including the ability to order the electrodes custom machines and with the pin/socket combinations and lengths, getting to know the differences between graphite electrode suppliers will be essential.

JIT Services

For industries, being able to work with graphite electrode suppliers providing JIT or Just In Time delivery will be a critical factor. This is beneficial for your company as you do not have to pay for large orders and then manage the storage of the electrodes. Instead, regular deliveries can be scheduled to provide the electrodes in the sizes and with the customized machining required.

With this service, there is less time spent by office staff in ordering, confirming and chasing down deliveries that are late or delayed. A supplier with a top reputation in JIT delivery is a true benefit in any type of industry.

Machining to Specifications

It is important to confirm that any supplier under consideration has the experience and expertise in machining electrodes to the correct specifications. These will typically include NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and IEC specifications, but there may also be specifications required for unique processing systems.

There will also be differences in the pin and socket combinations required for different plants and facilities. Size ranges as well can vary between suppliers, so this will be a critical component to discuss with the supplier before making a final choice.

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