Understanding Common Reasons for Back Pain in Manhattan, KS

Anyone who has ever experienced Back Pain Manhattan KS knows that the pressure and aching can interfere with every aspect of life. What many people may not realize is that the pain may be caused by things that they never considered. Here are some of the more common reasons people develop pain in the back, and what can be done to correct the situation.

The Mattress Needs Replacing

It is very easy for people to forget how many years have passed since they purchased their current mattresses. The thing they must remember is that as a mattress ages, it no longer provides the support needed to enjoy recuperative sleep. Along with being the source of feeling more irritable during the day, that older mattress is also the origin of the Back Pain Manhattan KS, that seems to flair in the afternoon. If a physician does not find a physical reason for the pain, investing in a new mattress maybe all it takes to get things back on track.

Poor Selection of Shoes

Some forms of footwear are manufactured with style in mind, but not much in the way of substance. In other words, they look great but offer no real support for the feet or lower legs. That lack of support can lead to the development of a lot of back pain. Investing in shoes that provide a reasonable amount of cushioning and support will help alleviate stress on the lower back and help the pain go away. View website for more info.

Carrying Around Extra Pounds

While being over the optimal weight is no guarantee of developing back pain, it can increase the chances of an aching back by the end of the day. If the patient has gained a significant amount of weight in the last few months, and the back is beginning to cause problems, making some dietary changes will help. Shedding those newly-acquired pounds will reduce the stress on the back and help the pain to subside.

Rather than living with back pain, it pays to schedule an appointment at the Center For Manual Medicine. Once the physician rules out any organic reasons for the back pain, it will be easier to determine the origin and make changes that eliminate the stiffness and the constant aches for good.

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