What is tree pruning?

A tree pruning service in New York carefully removes branches and foliage from trees. Trees need to be pruned periodically for a number of reasons which include reducing the amount of foliage to admit more light to an area as well as cutting back foliage which is perceived to be a fire hazard. For trees to grow in a healthy manner they need periodic pruning, pruning is an annual chore for most homeowners and normally takes place in the early spring.

For a tree to grow properly and evenly it will require periodic pruning, pruning will encourage proper growth and it will also bring the desired shape to the tree. Fir trees which are harvested for Christmas are pruned over their life cycle so that they develop the much desired conical shape. Fruit bearing trees are kept well pruned as a way of encouraging increased yields while ornamentals are pruned to give them a pleasing appearance. The tree pruning service in New York also removes any dead or dying branches as well as those that are weak and pose a hazard in the event of a storm.

In many cases trees are pruned when they reach the point where they pose a safety hazard such as encroachment into overhead utility wires or pose a fire hazard. In many cases the utility company takes the responsibility of maintain trees along their lines, in other cases it is the responsibility of the homeowner who will usually hire a professional crew to undertake the work. It is always in the best interest of the homeowner to ensure that trees and shrubs close to the house are routinely pruned; this allows more light into the house as well as reduces the risk of mold and mildew on the exterior surface of the house.

A tree pruning service in New York is well aware that different trees grow in different fashions and that it takes a different approach when trimming and pruning them. Some trees beg for heavy pruning, they tend to thrive with a high percentage of the volume removed while other trees need only to be pruned to shape them properly over a number of years. Tree pruning should only be done in the late winter or early spring while the tree is dormant but just about ready to begin a new year’s growth. At the same time the trees are pruned the tree pruning service in New York will fertilize them which helps stimulate recovery from the active pruning.

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