What You Should Know About Getting a Poured Floor in New York

Are you thinking about doing a home renovation? Does part of that renovation include restoration or installation of new flooring? If so, a company that will install a Poured Floor in New York offers a hundred different designs for customers. The installation of poured flooring is rather popular. Here are some things about poured flooring that should interest you.

To begin with, poured flooring is good for residential and commercial/industrial applications. It is used in everything residential such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, garages, basements, and even patios. Commercial applications would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, showrooms, and other areas where there is high volumes of traffic. Various kinds of materials such as epoxy, MMA, urethane and hybrid mixes are used to meet the needs of customers who want poured flooring. According to the function of the floor, that is the type of material that will generally be recommended for customers.

If you are going to need flooring for industrial needs like a shop, the recommended material is epoxy and aggregates of natural quartz. For a flooring topcoat, a water-resisting and chemical base application is used. Another kind of flooring is used for laboratories and hospitals. It consists of 100 percent epoxy, decorative chips and a urethane topcoating. It is more suited for those floors that need to be chemical resistant. Even still, you have the concrete based flooring which is suitable for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. This type is made of 100 percent epoxy and an aggregate mixture of sand. This type of flooring will sustain most types of abuse from things like forklifts, pallet jacks and other moving equipment that is part of heavy industrial traffic. A last type of poured flooring to be looked at is called a designer flooring system. This type, which has resins aggregates is superb for showroom floors, or display rooms.

Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation is located in the Farmingdale and Long Island, New York areas. Their floor covering products range from warehouses to garages to residential interiors. If you are looking for the company to install a Poured Floor in New York and the surrounding areas, visit their website, hoffmanfloorcovering.com. You can also visit them on Google+

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