Arthritis Social Security Disability Claim in Washington DC

Arthritis can be an extremely painful and debilitating disease. Therefore, there is an opportunity for those of you in Washington DC who suffer from extreme cases of arthritis to begin receiving Social Security Disability benefits. The process for completing a Social Security disability claim in Washington DC for instances of arthritis is quite a bit more difficult than filing SSD claims for other ailments. Your arthritis has to fall under some very specific categories for you to qualify for SSD benefits. Therefore, it is best to seek out an SSDI lawyer.

To qualify for SSD benefits with arthritis, your arthritis has to be present with a specific set of symptoms. According to, your case of inflammatory arthritis can qualify you for SSD benefits if and only if:

•    Your arthritis has caused deformities or constant inflammation of your major joints. These joints would be your weight-bearing joints including your knees, hips and facet joints (in the spine)

•    Your arthritis has caused deformities or persistent inflammation of your major peripheral joints (spine, shoulder, knee, ankle) – causing a loss of function and limited range of motion

•    Your arthritis has affected two or more organs or body systems on a moderate to severe level

•    Your arthritis has caused fatigue, fevers, involuntary weight loss or a general sick feeling

These are just a few of the qualifications listed by the Social Security Administration in regards to filing a claim for SSD benefits with arthritis. Some of these symptoms do not qualify you on their own, but must be present in conjunction with another symptom. For further reading of the specific qualifications set out by the SSA for inflammatory arthritis, visit the link above.

The SSA also has specific listings for other types of arthritis including Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Through all of these qualifications, your goal is to prove to the SSA that you are unable to perform the basic tasks that are involved in everyday tasks and at your job. These include sitting or standing for long periods of time, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting and bending. If your arthritis is limiting your ability to perform your duties at work, perhaps it is time to file a Social Security disability claim in Washington DC.

If you do not know where to start gathering evidence for your claim, contact an SSDI lawyer. SSDI lawyers will be able to assist you make the strongest case you can. And, if your initial claim is denied, he or she will be able to help you make an appeal.

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