Temporary Construction Lighting for Damp-Locations

For construction projects that require lighting with damp-location protection, temporary HID light fixtures from Engineered Products Company (EPCO) are contractors’ number one choice. Why do more contractors choose EPCO’s leading temp lights? Because of unique, innovative features that make the TIGER™ 400 and TIGERcub 175 HID™ Type-O Temp Lights easy to install and save time on the jobsite. Plus, they’re reliable, durable and maintenance free.

HID lighting produces more natural, brighter light than halogen lamps. Secondly, HID lamps last three times longer than their halogen counterparts. And third, they consume 30% less energy than halogens.

The TIGERTM 400 HID Temp Light is the only one of its kind with a handle for easy installation and a box with a handhold for easy unloading, stocking and transporting. This fixture “hit it out of the park” when the electrical contractor for the construction of the Minnesota Twins award-winning 45,000-seat baseball stadium in 2009-10 chose the TIGER. More than 100 TIGERs provided illumination for the one-million-plus square-foot project. Other, more conventional high-bay lighting applications include warehouses, industrial facilities.

With most of the features of its big brother, the TIGERcub 175 HID™ is well suited for use in controlled, low-bay environments that require vertical and high horizontal illumination. The distinct, pink mogul-base of the TIGER and TIGERcub clearly identifies these as luminaires that use only Type-O Metal Halide lamps.

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