Australian Gold Tanning Lotion: Choosing the Right One for You

Australian Gold tanning lotion is a top selling product in the indoor tanning industry. These tanning products are commonly made from natural fruit oils and extracts to help create an impeccable tan. Many of these tanning lotions do not contain mineral oil, or natural oils like olive, sunflower, and tea tree, because these oils are typically used for outdoor tanning.

The rich blend of natural oils can make your skin feel soft and can protect it from the sun. With a combination of SPFs for sun protection and aloe vera, together these products work together to moisturize the skin. These products are resistant to sweat and moisture.

Australian SPF Continuous Spray
Another Australian Gold tanning product is SPF Continuous Spray. This spray is accessible in a wide assortment of SPFs from 4 to 30. The 360-degree spray can cover your entire body and does not leave your skin sticky. This product is available in an instant bronze formula called “Fine Finish” and is great for those who want a natural bronze tan.

Australian Gold Accelerator
The Australian Gold Accelerator is not oily and can is easily absorbed. The lotion can keep your skin from peeling so you can keep your tan longer. This product does not give you a tan but it will help accelerate tanning efforts. With this tanning lotion, you can cut your tanning time in half.

Australian Gold SPF Spray-Gel
Sun lovers who want a natural botanically based SPF gel spray should consider the Australian Gold SPF Spray-Gel. This spray contains sunflower, tea tree, and olive oils. It provides instant and golden brown skin and it does not stain your towel or clothes. Vitamin E protects from the damaging effects resulting from sun exposure and aloe vera provides moisturizing and skin smoothness.

The Australian Gold tanning product line also includes calming after-sun products to minimize sunburn pain while moisturizing the skin. The Aloe Freeze Spray Gel contains Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturize the skin.

There is an Australian Gold tanning lotion for anyone who wants protection from the sun, moisturized skin and a deep golden brown tan.

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