Quick Ways Automotive Shop Software Can Benefit You

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Software

Your automotive shop is on the up and up – you’ve got the perfect location, assembled a crew of crack mechanics and you’re starting to create a little buzz among local motorists. But there seems to be just one piece standing between you and runaway success:  a smoother customer service process. It isn’t uncommon for entrepreneurs entering the automotive repair space to find that while they have all of the practical skills needed to service cars, things like project management and customer checkout flow less smoothly. You can try to work it out using basic word processing software, or worse, pen and paper. Or you can invest in automotive shop software. The latter is a one-time investment has perks that will mature for years to come.

Enhances Productivity

The best automotive shop software packages offer end-to-end solutions for everyone from greeters to office managers. Intuitive ticket screen tools, for instance, let your staff get customers and vehicles checked in quickly and without hassle, while employee management solutions let leadership make business decisions faster. The result is everyone on the floor is able to do their job faster and better, improving productivity and potentially profits.

Improves Organization

We’ve all been to shops that are stuck in the dark ages. These are places where things are handled with clipboards and pens, sticky notes and even carbon copy paper. This can create an unpleasant experience for customers and employees alike as information tends to get lost easily. Step into the modern era! Automotive shop software lets shops manage everything from customer tickets to employee schedules. Intuitive dashboards and user interfaces make it easier than ever to use too.

Office software may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to setting up your car wash, lube shop or other automotive-oriented business, but it shouldn’t be. Consider automotive software to make your life easier.

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