Should You Add An External Vest Carrier?

It is very easy to see why a law enforcement officer out in the field would want to wear the least amount of equipment and gear required to do his or her job. Adding unnecessary gear and clothing items just create more problems and also adds to the weight of the uniform.

In the case of an external vest carrier, this is not an additional piece of equipment or gear. Instead, it can be used in lieu of a concealed vest, ideal for providing full torso protection when the ballistic panels are in place.

There are several different external vest carrier types on the market. Some are very basic and look very much like an externally worn bullet-proof vest. Others are designed to look more like a uniform, matching the fabric and style on the exterior to give more of a professional appearance.

Options to Consider

With the use of the external vest carrier that matches the look of the uniform shirt, it is easy for the department to maintain a consistent, uniform look. Additionally, these vests can be designed with two fully functional pleated pockets on the front of the shirt.

This provides two pockets with closures for any type of pens, materials, equipment or personal items as needed. They are also designed with a convenient mic wire opening to allow for easy use of communication equipment even with the vest in place.

The best systems for these vest carriers provide pouches in the front or back to insert and remove the ballistic panels. This makes cleaning the vest very easy as they can be laundered with standard uniform shirts. Additionally, most of these vests are adjustable for user comfort and come in several sizes to fit officers of all sizes as well as male and female law enforcement officers.

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