The Advantages Of Used Vitros Instrument

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Business Services

Vitros is a brand name offered by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics that offers a range of different analyzers and chemistry systems. With a wide range of different models in the chemical analyzers, used Vitros instrument will be ideal in any lab or testing facility looking for high efficiency, reliable analysis systems.

The variations in the models and options in the used Vitros instrument line allows for a lab to choose the systems that offers the testing and analysis functions required while also fitting within the physical configuration of the lab. Thre are several benefits to choosing this brand and option for a chemistry or ECI Immunology analyzer.

Fast Testing

All of the new and used Vitros instrument models and options are designed to have redundancy in verification of results built into the system. Different models also offer time-saving features such as the one tube in and out centralized sample loading for higher levels of efficiency, an important factor in high volume labs.

Different models, including the Vitros 5600 integrated system are able to handle both immunoassay and chemistry in the same test run for even greater efficiency and effectiveness. This is also an ideal way to avoid human error as there is no need to physically move the samples or to create more than one aliquot to complete testing requirements.

Expanded Testing Abilities

Not only are the virtuous chemistry analyzers build to provide fast, reliable testing, but they are also very user-friendly. The systems come pre-set with expanded menu settings that allow easy to testing requirements with just the press of a button.

Both standard and more advanced testing possibilities are available through the system menu and, with continual self-monitoring by the equipment errors and the need to repeat testing is minimized to extremely low levels.

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