Tips For Quality Draft Beer: Investing In A Keg Cleaner

Known as a keg cleaner or a keg washer, this is an essential component for any brewery selling draft beer to add to their equipment line. There are many different options and systems on the market, and taking a close look at what is available is very helpful in knowing what is possible and what will work best with your brewery.

Physical Space

Many of the commercial systems that include a keg cleaner are large and bulky, and they take up a considerable amount of space. There are also some that are very compact and small, perfect for a smaller brewery where space is a significant consideration.

The best options in keg washer also double as keg filling systems. This creates an all-in-one type of system that does everything from cleaning the keg to completing a pre-evacuation of CO2 to filling to the desired level through an automatic system. These are often two or three keg systems, which allows for the processing speed required for small breweries.

Cleaning Process

In most keg cleaner systems, the process includes blowing out all remaining beer in the keg and then rinsing the keg with water. This further removes the beer in the container, making it ideal for the cleaning agent to act on the interior surfaces of the keg.

The final steps include purging the cleaning agent and then rinsing the keg. This is followed by purging any remaining water, removing all air and then adding CO2 to the keg to create the pressure desired.

The more automated the system is, the less work-intensive it is for the brewery staff. These systems can be customized to meet the needs of the brewery, and they extremely cost-effective, quickly paying for themselves in time, money and labor savings.

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