Are you the owner of a brewery looking to cut production costs? Let ProBrew be your destination to demobilize!

At ProBrew, we help you demobilize by reducing mobile canning costs and getting a an efficient, quick, and streamlined production line into your brewery. Results of a demobilized brewery mean increased yield of beer cans produced daily, better product quality, and lowered canning fees. There’s even the benefit of a more efficient schedule for your beer production.

Some breweries pay as much as $4.80 per case of beer using a mobile canner on the production line. Taking the steps to demobilize at your brewery can save you about $100,000 per year. By purchasing ProBrew’s self-canning machines for your brewery, you can put that $100,000 and canning fees back into your business.

If you visit our Do the Math section, you can input your brewery’s sales and production figures to discover how much you can save by partnering with ProBrew! Input information on your annual beer production in bbls, the percentage of those cans in which you plan to produce today, your current mobile canning fee per case, and the average hourly rate for employees on your production line. See your potential savings by doing the math today!

Contact us at (262)-278-4945 for a free quote on the amount of production lines you need from us for your brewery. ProBrew strives to help you become a pro in the brewing industry. We pride ourselves being your partner for increased success in the industry.