Why Choose Organic?

Organic foods are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They are void of artificial preservatives. People have been steering their lifestyle choices towards organic produce for themselves, becoming more health conscious of the possible negative side effects that long term ingestion of non-organic produce can cause. It is only natural for us to want to treat our animals as well as we treat ourselves.

Organic pet food is widely available online and through a number of pet stores in Fort Lauderdale. Once artificial ingredients, genetically modified ingredients, chemicals and pesticides are taken out of your pet’s diet, you may notice some or all of the following changes in your cat or dog; healthier weight, easier digestion, a reduction in skin issues and allergies, immune system strengthening and more energy.

Because these foods contain less filler and more whole ingredients, your pet will feel full faster. This prevents overeating and obesity while providing them with more energy. Because of this, the higher price tag of organic pet foods is negligible. They eat less and you are getting a higher quality product. The cost saving capacity of organic pet foods in Fort Lauderdale can also be seen in a decrease in veterinary costs. A healthier pet does not need as much veterinary care as one with a weak immune system. Think of organic pet food as an investment that can lead to long-term financial savings.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of scientific research and data proving that organic foods impact your pet’s overall health. All of these perks are purely observational from satisfied pet parents. It is, however, an incredible peace of mind knowing what is in the food that you are providing to your animal.

Beyond the health and wellbeing of your animal and your own peace of mind, there is also the environmental responsibility of choosing organic. Organic farming methods prevent soil erosion, protect water quality, uses less energy than conventional food production and protects future generations through environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.  It is because of these reasons that it is highly recommended that people consider buying organic pet foods in Fort Lauderdale as a part of their pet’s care regime. It is the most responsible and ethical choices for you, your pet and the environment.

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