Tips for Finding the Perfect Hand Dryer

There are many different options of automatic hand dryers on the market today. Whether you are looking to purchase a hand dryer to use in your small business or are looking for a large corporate office, there is a dryer out there made to suit your needs. With all of the various styles available, how do you narrow it down?

Location, Location, Location

When searching for your drying solution, it is important to consider where it will be placed. Will you be purchasing several dryers for a sizable restroom or a single one? Will it go along a big wall or does it need to fit in a smaller space? Knowing exactly where the hand dryer will go will enable you to eliminate choices that might be the wrong size for your space.

Noisy or Not

The location of the dryer is central to your decision as it will advise you if noise is an issue or not. If you are putting it in a quiet office bathroom, choosing an ambient, discreet dryer would be a better choice than a high powered one. Likewise, if noise doesn’t matter, you can select from one of the more powerful options.

What Is the Wattage?

Hand dryers also come in different wattages. Knowing each dryer’s wattage is essential to take into consideration while shopping for one because it will indicate the power level for that specific model. When automatic dryers have higher wattages, they allow for quicker hand drying, higher power and an overall cleaner experience. If having the highest wind pressure available is important to you, make sure to note the wattage and energy used when shopping around.

Different Dryer Designs

Are you someone who appreciates the latest advancement in technology? The new vertical style of hand dryer could be something that interests you. Is anti-microbial important to you? Consider hand dryers that include HEPA filters. One of the main draws to using electric dryers to dry your hands is all of the different designs available on the market. From slim and sleek to extremely high powered, acquiring the right dryer for you is just a few steps away.

Finding the right hand dryer doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you take it one step at a time and contemplate the various options presented, the space where it will be installed and the noise level desired, you will ensure a pleasant, successful shopping experience. Make sure to assess these conditions ahead of time to obtain the perfect hand dryer for you and your business.

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