Why Homeowners Need Radon Systems Maintenance In Pittsburgh, PA

In Pennsylvania, homeowners conduct testing to evaluate radon levels. The findings of the test determine the health risk inside the property. Excessive radioactive radon levels require the installation of a reduction system in the lower levels of the home. Radon Systems Maintenance in Pittsburgh PA assures homeowners that their system won’t stop operating.

Reviewing the Sub-Slab Depressurization Unit

Routine maintenance helps homeowners identify issues with the unit. Repair services should review the piping and the fan. The exhaust fan must push the radon gas away from the property. The pipes are evaluated to ensure that there aren’t any leaks. The repair services address any issues that are found. To identify common issues, homeowners need Radon Systems Maintenance in Pittsburgh PA.

Why Maintenance is Vital

Radon gas emissions enter the home through cracks in the foundation. The systems use forced air to prevent the radioactive gas from emitting throughout the property. At high levels, the gas could cause serious health risks. Excessive exposure to the gas could cause lung cancer primarily. Radon Systems Maintenance in Pittsburgh PA reduces these risks and keeps the homeowner safe.

Informing the New Owner About the Unit

Property owners that sell their home must disclose information to any buyers. This includes the results of any previous radon tests. They must provide information about their unit if a reduction system was installed. This information includes data about repairs and errors.

Are Maintenance Contracts Available?

The service provider that installed the radon reduction system offers a warranty for the unit. The current or new homeowner has coverage as long as the warranty is valid. Property sellers must provide information about the warranty to any new owners. If the warranty is invalid, they should contact the service provider about a maintenance contract. These opportunities help them to save money on repairs. They could also prevent disruptions of service.

Pennsylvania homeowners need current tests to review radon risks in their home. The results may lead to the installation of a reduction system. A sub-slab depressurization unit is the most common installation. Homeowners who need Radon Systems Maintenance in Pittsburgh PA should contact a local provider today.

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