What to do (and Not to do) During an Emergency Car Unlock in Tulsa

One of the most frustrating experiences any vehicle owner will have is the moment they realize they have locked their keys inside their vehicle. This unhappy event always occurs at the worst possible time. Whether it is in freezing temperatures, late at night or when the driver is in a hurry to be wherever they wanted to go. The temptation to break a window to get the keys can be overwhelming, but the extra expense the damage will cause makes it a poor option. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize that picking the lock or attempting to access the vehicle with a coat hanger can be equally expensive.

An emergency Car Unlock in Tulsa can seem to take forever when someone is stranded in a parking lot or in their own yard without any way to get out of the weather. Many people will attempt to access the car on their own while they wait. The most commonly used tool for this is the coat hanger. First of all, this old technique is rarely effective with a modern vehicle. Secondly, the process of shoving it inside the door can either break the window, break the door or scratch the paint.

Using the hanger to pry between the window and the interior of the door itself is even more potentially harmful. At the very least the weather stripping will be damaged and no longer prevent moisture from entering the door. Even worse, the hanger could catch on wiring or it could easily damage the lock itself. In either case, it will lead to additional repair costs later on.

Instead of adding more damage, 24-7mobilelocksmith.com can perform a Car Unlock in Tulsa that is fast and easy and available every day of the year. They can come to any home, business or even as a roadside service to help anyone get back into their vehicle. Their services are guaranteed to be fast and safe. In addition, if the lock out is also accompanied by the loss of the keys entirely, they can make a new set for nearly any vehicle. They also remove broken keys, re-key when needed and can make and program transponder keys.

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