Why Is Auto Repair Shop Software So Important In The Automotive Industry?

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Software Company

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop and received a written invoice on those greasy little yellow papers? It probably wasn’t a pleasant experience, as you tweezed the paper between your fingers and hoped nothing rubbed off on your hands. Likewise, when reading it, you probably couldn’t figure it out or read their writing, as it was probably scribbled or incomplete. Lastly, you quickly lost it because it was so small. You don’t want to be that type of company because many customers are now shying away from them. Instead, you want to use appropriate software that makes it easier to create invoices, keep track of inventory, and help you do everything you can to make your customers happy.


It is essential that you build trust and rapport with your customers. This is made easier when you have auto repair shop software because you can track their invoices, create profiles and keep all of their information in one spot. Clients will feel annoyed when they come in, and you have to get their vehicle information every time. Likewise, they may get discouraged when you ask questions you should already know the answers to. They want to feel valued, and you can do that by asking for their name, pulling their information in seconds, and helping them.


If you provide guarantees for your work (and you should), you’ll need to have the appropriate information about that work. For example, you’ll need to know the date of the visit, what was done, who did it, and what parts they used. You’ll also need to determine what went wrong and why. For example, the part could have been damaged before installation, the employee may not have installed it correctly, or something else could have gone wrong.

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