It happens. You pop that SD card into your laptop or camera to check your photos and you end up with a corrupted card on your hands. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to think that all of those photos are lost for good. There’s a way to recover your lost data. Follow these steps, and you’ll access those files again.

Know the Signs

It’s a good idea, though, to spot any signs that indicate your SD card is likely to get corrupted soon. That way, you can prepare and transfer all your cards to another SD. If the SD card doesn’t show up on your laptop, if the memory card can’t be found by the camera, and if you can’t open the card since it keeps saying access denied—all those are signs that the SD corrupted is soon to be corrupted.

Get a Recovery Solution

Before you can start the recovery process, you’ll need to invest in a data recovery tool. That’s where data recovery software comes in. If you want to recover files from corrupted SD card, start shopping around for recovery solutions that fit the bill.

Look at Storage Media

Not all recovery options work on all data recovery tools. That’s why you need to go over the storage media formats that the recovery solution recognizes. Does it recognize programs from the operating systems you typically use? Can you use it to recover lost data from an external drive, a corrupted USB drive, or more?

Check the Features

What features does the data recovery solution have? What about a preview option, so you can check the data and decide if you still want to recover that or not? You can save so much time just by using a preview option instead of blindly recovering all the files you’ve lost because you aren’t quite sure which file should be recovered and restored.