Pet Grooming in Marysville Tips for Dog Bathing

At first, it seems so simple: place the dirty dog in a tub with soap, water, and elbow grease, and soon the dog is squeaky clean. Bathing a dog is rarely that simple. There are many wrong ways to bathe a dog that could lead to the dog getting sick. One way to be sure the dog gets bathed the right way is by taking the dog to Pet Grooming in Marysville or elsewhere. However, all dog owners should know how to correctly bathe their dogs.

Hairless Dogs Need More Baths

Hairless or mostly hairless dogs like Chinese Cresteds or the Xoloitzcuintli need to be bathed once a week in order to keep their skin healthy. Hair provides a lot of protection and oils to help the skin that hairless dogs obviously lack.

Never Use Human Shampoo

Only use shampoo made for dogs or puppies. Avoid using any human shampoo unless it is for babies and does not contain any strong perfumes. Dog and puppy shampoo is made for dog skin and so will help not only keep the coat clean but keep the skin healthy. Dog owners who try to save a buck by using their shampoo on their dogs wind up paying for it in vet bills later.

Use Lukewarm Water

Never use hot water to bathe a dog. Water that feels great to humans can seriously burn a dog. Only use lukewarm water or cool water to bathe a dog or puppy.

Keep Water Out of Ears

Although it may be difficult, keep all soap and water out of the ears. Washing the ears is a great way to give the dog ear infections. Wet a soft washcloth and wash the face with water while avoiding the ears and eyes.

Bathe As Little As Possible

Dogs only need to be bathed once a month unless they get into dirt, mud or stinky organic matter. Ask a vet or a professional groomer like Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc for recommendations.

When to Call In the Troops

If the dog has gotten into sticky or hard-to-remove substances like paint, chewed bubblegum or tar, then call the vet to see if the dog needs to be brought in. The dog may need to be shaved. If a dog has part of his coat shaved off, repairs can be made to make the best of a bad situation from a professional Pet Grooming in Marysville.

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