What Cases Are Managed Through A Personal Injury Law Service?

In Louisana, residents have access to legal claims when they sustain injuries in which another party is liable. These injuries could relate to a medical malpractice, product or premises liabilities, and dog attacks. The residents should approach these claims according to the individual requirements for each type of case. The following are details about the type of cases managed through a Personal Injury Law Service.

Medical Malpractice Cases

A medical malpractice is based on an error that occurs due to a failure to provide adequate care for patients. These errors occur due to a failure to follow proper protocol, a lack of experience, or by performing while impaired. They can also equate to providing the wrong medication, and the patient’s condition worsening. When these circumstances arise, the patient has a three-year window to file a claim.

Product Liability Claims

Product liabilities occur when the consumer sustains an injury while using a product. These injuries are often caused by a risk or flaw in the product’s design. Manufacturers are liable if they failed to disclose information about possible risks on the warning label. If they failed to provide a safe product and multiple consumers are injured, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency can issue a recall.

Premises Liabilities for Commercial and Residential Properties

A premises liability occurs when a visitor is injured due to a failure to comply with building codes. Any hazards that aren’t managed by the owner make the owner liable if a visitor is injured. If they were aware of these hazards and didn’t address them promptly, they are also liable.

Dog Attack Lawsuits

Pet owners must maintain their dogs, especially if they are a dangerous dog breed. If they don’t follow local laws pertaining to pets, they become liable for any injuries that are produced. If a strict liability occurs, they must provide an award for pain and suffering as well.

In Louisiana, residents have the right to file a personal injury claim based on their circumstances. The way in which they sustain their injuries defines the type of case they have. Victims of personal injuries contact a Personal Injury Law Service by visiting chrisrichardattorney.com today.

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