Systems to Help Overcome Impediments to Patient Safety Reporting

Any job performed under pressure is more likely to result in errors, which is an unfortunate reality in healthcare. Healthcare teams perform complex tasks with incredible time constraints where they must also ensure adherence to numerous guidelines and regulations. There is tremendous effort daily to prevent patient harm, yet it appears inevitable. A patient safety reporting system can help overcome challenges faced. Some barriers to patient safety reporting require a change in culture across healthcare organizations marked by fear.

Fearing Punishment

It’s understandable when there are consequences for mistakes made in an environment where errors can be life-threatening. The unfortunate reality is that those consequences foster a culture of fear and blame. Everyone wants to avoid repercussions, which may prevent reporting. It’s difficult to overcome this issue because some responses are rooted in the desire of healthcare workers to protect their livelihood.

Some organizations in healthcare have successfully fostered a culture where healthcare workers do not fear losing their job when they make a mistake. The leadership team ensures an understanding that many errors occur because of systems and not humans. That’s why the implementation of quality systems must be a priority.

Making Time to Report

Another significant problem is the long hours that healthcare teams work. They sometimes feel overwhelmed by the requirement to complete documentation that requires an extensive amount of information. A quality patient safety reporting system can mitigate that problem with greater ease.

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