1-Garage Doors Are Not Easy To Install

If you are having a new house built to your specifications or you are planning to renovate your current home, garage doors will invariably be a requirement. It is quite one thing to choose from the many different garage door styles, it is something all together different when you get ready to install it.

Safety hazards:

A very good reason to hire professionals for garage door installation in Westchester NY is safety. The majority of residential garage doors use a very powerful torsion spring to carry a great deal of the doors weight which can easily be 200 pounds or more. If these powerful springs are not installed correctly the stored energy can release, resulting in serious injury. Statistics that are available indicate that over 20,000 Americans every year require emergency hospital care due to injuries caused in this way.

They weigh a lot:

When a properly installed door is manually operated it is hard to believe they weigh as much as they do. They are not only heavy; they are unwieldy due to the size. For a garage door installation in Westchester NY to be done safely, efficiency and correctly it takes at least two skilled installers.

Periodic maintenance:

A professional installed garage door should give trouble free service for a number of years but like all mechanical equipment, eventually it will require service and repair.

Companies that install garage doors also offer repair and maintenance services to ensure they continue to operate properly. There are a number of points that need to be taken care of; the counterbalance system which is the torsion spring, cables, track alignment and condition as well as hinges, rollers and brackets can wear and become misshapen. Proper garage door maintenance is just as important as proper garage door installation.

If you are replacing your garage door it is important that it is done safely and correctly. For professional garage door installation in Westchester NY you are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Co online at www.actionlockanddoor.com/GARAGE-DOORS-AND-OPERATORS.html

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